Our vision

We want to see local churches in France be welcoming communities that live out and share the Good News of Jesus Christ to the international students and researchers in a loving and culturally relevant way.


We want to see international students and researchers who come to know the way, the truth and the life in Jesus, and bring and live out His Good News in their respective countries and all over the world.

Our values







Faithful friendship








As we pray, we express our complete dependence upon God in all that we are and do.


As we welcome international students into our homes, we want to genuinely share our lives with them.


We want to persevere with those whom the Lord has put on our path and who enrich our lives.


We want to tell clearly and faithfully the Good News of Jesus that is at the heart of our faith and our lives.


That is the Church that unites people through faith in Christ, regardless of their sociocultural background, age, temperament... The Church is called to live out and bring the Good News of Jesus into this world.